Stambaugh Chorus greatly acknowledges the following supporters for our 2015-2016 Season

The Musical Note Club

Rhythm ($50)

Alice & Marty Nyari
Jeanne Foley
Lorraine Wagner
Mary Harvey
Barbara Diamond
Sandra Slanina
Dave & Dru Kuntz
Wendy Cannon
Beverly Lawrence
Joseph Campana Jr.
Park Vista Retirement Center
Mary Costello
Laurie Taylor
Paula & Bruno Yeropoli
Sarah Weir

Eighth Note ($100)

Betty Anne Matuscak
Coronado Steel
David & Katherine Blair
Stephanie Modic
Alice & Staughton Lynd
Kristen Mather
Kathie & Tom Nelson
Youngstown Comm. Concert Band
Jane Perrett
Rose Wittinger
Candy & Les Foster
Quarter Note ($200)
St Anthony’s
Dr. Morris Pullium
Alberta Morales
Michael Kopczyk
Drs Christopher & Carol Martin
Charlotte Floyd
Jeff Rotta
Lloyd Miller & Pam Garver
Bob & Linda Sebo

Half Note ($500)

Michael Rosenberg Ltd.
David Smith & Barbara Modic

Whole Note ($1000)

The Kidney Group, Inc.
TheMusical Note Club

Grand Staff ($2500)

Denise Debartolo York
The Medical Staff of
St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital

Also Greatly Appreciated:

Member Contributions
Our members contribute with generous monetary contributions as well as putting their efforts into
our fundraising activities and other duties. Each one of our members has contributed greatly to our
organization in their own way. Our membership is a very generous and hard working group of
volunteers. Together we strive to promote choral music in our community.

Stambaugh Auditorium
Stambaugh Auditorium provides generous support; hosting the Chorus Concerts & offering
rehearsal space and facilities.

Ohio Arts Council

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