Stambaugh Chorus Roster

2019-20 Season


Anna Anderson
Regina Belvedere
Rebecca Bickel
Loretta Bleggi
Lenci Blohm
Jennifer Ruth Boyd
Rita Busin
Julia Catchpole
Paula Franklin
Pamela Garver
Genevieve Germaniuk
Rosie Hooks
Beverly Lawrence
Alice Lynd
Carol McNinch
Beth Ann Monroe
Alberta Morales
Alexa Mosca
Candice Orr
Brandy Rockage
Judy Smith
Laurie Taylor
Sarah Webster Vodrey


Christine Belvedere
Pat Brown
Charlotte Floyd
Cynthia Foust
Sharin Gray
Joyce Hamilton
Cindy Harvel
Niki Latsko
Shirley McMahon
Mary Matteson
Billie Neuman
Lisa Stricklin
Cindy Todd
Rose Whitlinger
Marie Woloszyn


David Belvedere
Brad Bickel
Wendy Cannon
Ron Fasano
John Huffman
Tim Kubli
Staughton Lynd
Loris Rolfe
Pamela Stewart
Jeff Ward


Paul Harkey
Ric Harvel
Jeff Hendrickson
Michael Kopczyk
Truman Littler
Anthony Podboy
Bud Pulliam
Dave Smith
Raymond A Wagner, Jr

About Us

Our Mission: Stambaugh Chorus exists to promote and perform choral music while giving back to the Mahoning Valley and enhancing the cultural life of the community.

The Stambaugh Chorus is proud to offer choral music to Youngstown, Ohio and surrounding communities.  The Chorus has entertained many through our concerts and outreach activities. Very often our activities benefit the less fortunate and those residing in  extended care facilities. We aspire to create a deeper appreciation of vocal and instrumental music and welcome people from all backgrounds to join us. The chorus was established in 2007 and since then it has been very active.  Please see our history at this link.

Our archive  contains past announcements and articles related to the activities of our organization.

Regular rehearsals are held  on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Stambaugh Auditorium Ballroom and take place throughout the fall, winter and spring.  Please see our information page regarding membership.